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The Resonance Principle re-explains what we currently think the Atom and its component parts are and how they interact. It defines all singular particles as elastic containers made of varied amounts of a singular energy. The containers are called Orbs. The singular energy is called Resonance. The container is made of an energy that is the opposite of the energy they contain. These two energies are like oil and water. They always remain seperate. Resonance energy expands to infinity (forever) and Orb energy shrinks to infinity (forever). The physical universe came into being when Resonance was infused into Orbs. All Orbs in the physical universe contain some amount of Resonance. Both energies exert Force Omnidirectionally.

Essential Basics:

1. Orbs attract to Orbs and seek to combine into an infinitly small Resonance free mass.

2. Resonance seeks to combine with Resonance and expand to infinity.

3. Orb Force of Attraction is Gravity. Resonance Force of Expansion is anti-Gravity.

4. All Orbs spin as a reaction to captive Resonance trying to escape.

5. Orbs can absorb and release Resonance but Resonance can not Resist absorption or leave an Orb on its own accord.

6. The two energies are infinite opposites which creates a measureable spectrum of Orbs defined by the varied amounts of Resonance they contain.

7.The center point in the spectrum defines the point of seperation between right and left spinning Orbs.

8. Regardless of spin direction Orb Spin produces Magnetism. Polarity is defined by Spin direction.

9. Spin produces a blending of Orb and Resonance Forces but actual Orb and Resonance remain seperate.

10. Orbs with "like" amounts of Resonance attract.

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