The Resonance Principle
A 7 part Animated Book
by Marc Rubin


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In his book "The God Particle" Leon Lederman PhD , Nobel Prize in Physics 1988, wrote

"The history of atomism is one of reductionism - the effort to reduce all the operations of nature
to a small number of laws governing a small number of primordial objects.
If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?"

The pristine Resonance Principle is presented
in a 7 part animated movie and a short preview (lower down).

PART 7 "now posted"
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The Resonance Principle part 1
17min 46sec
The basics of the God particle, The universal laws of Orb-Resonance attraction-repulsion interaction

The Resonance Principle part 2
15min 56sec
The basic interactions between Orbs and the transfer of Resonance and Orb + Resonance = Universe

The Resonance Principle part 3
15min 34sec
More about the Neutron and its importance in atom structure and Magnetism plus more

The Resonance Principle part 4
22min 16sec
The Neutron, Magnetism and the Atomic String (Triad) the basic component of Atoms

The Resonance Principle part 5
12min 40sec
Magnetism and the Magnetic Field the two secondary forces created by Orb and Resonance interaction

The Resonance Principle part 6
12min 20sec
Comparing The Resonance Principle and Quantum Mechanics
plus The Field of Influence and Vibration

13 minutes SWF format
The Resonance Principle part 7
Atom structure - Magnetic - Diamagnetic - Inert - Super conducting

The Resonance Principle
Science Fiction or Fact?

By Marc Richard Rubin

What I have named "The Resonance Principle" is based upon accumulated scientific knowledge compiled from observation and experimentation. It is based upon a primary assumption that the physical universe was intelligently created and as such is not random chaos but built with principles that allow for random events.

The Resonance Principle

The physical universe was intelligently created when an infinitely small piece of infinite matter was infused with an infinite energy. The matter fragmented into identical bits with infinite potential size infused with varied amounts of the infinite energy which exists within matter and fills all space between bits of matter. Any bit containing any amount of energy is part of our physical universe. The two coexsist but are only physical through interaction. I have named the Matter "Orb" and the energy "Resonance". Knowledge gained through observation demonstrates that all matter is in a state of circular or spherical motion on a universe scale. All energy contained within matter exerts a spherical outward force. Two constant opposing forces manifest the observed states and potential states of matter. They produce Orb vibration, Orb density-weight, Orb spin on axis (magnetism-magnetic field), Orb curlicue linear vector motion (wavelength). Matter and Energy seek to recombine into their primordial states before "The Great Infusion" that is currently called the Big Bang. Orbs seek to shrink and Resonance seeks to expand (escape from Orbs). The two forces are Attraction and Repulsion. They cause motion. Orbs are containers that gain or lose Resonance through absorption or excretion. Resonance can not enter or leave Orbs of its own accord. When Orbs touch they can exchange Resonance. They can gain or lose Resonance by deformation due to collision. Orbs are elastic and capable of infinite physical size. Their physical size is relative to the amount of Resonance they absorb. Orbs have a constant amount of matter. Their physical density is relative to the varied amount of Resonance they can contain. In this principle the ratio of Resonance to Orb defines all physical characteristics such as weight, density, size, wave length, gravity, temperature etc. The Resonance Principle describes a beautiful simplicity that produces mind boggling possibilities and defines a natural structure that can be augmented by human intervention.

The process of Observation and Depiction is the historic method for the creation of Fine Art. Many artists were called inventors and architects in the ancient world. Their abilities were called upon to integrate aesthetics into architecture, landscape design and engineering. Utilitarian need was always balanced by beauty in stable civilizations. During the life of Leonardo DaVinci artists were drafted as inventors and improvers of the tools of war and architectural protection, city walls. The Roman Church enlisted the talents of Brunelesci and other artists to create cathedrals to draw people to Christianity. Botticelli invented and used perspective in his paintings and in so doing changed the process by which realistic depiction is still accomplished. Michael Angelo was as much an authority and developer of marble use and permanent integration of paint into plaster as he was an artistic genius. Even Sir Isaac Newton, who was not an artist by trade, made drawings of his scientific theories. As the Progressive political movement rose to power in western civilization during the twentieth century the role of the creative artist was omitted from the ongoing development of civilization. They have been increasingly replaced by uncreative non-inventive artisans who can be controlled. Fine Artists build on history. Those who seek to revise history for their own ends are and have been the great destroyers of our past accomplishments. They have plunged civilizations into dark ages only to see humanity turn away from them and return the natural course of creativity hand in hand with forward progress. Diminishing the importance of true artists has never and will never become the historic status quo. Every civilization that placed power over aethetics has failed.