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The "Gate of Israel" was presented by World Artist Marc Richard Rubin
at his 2003 Judaica exhibition, "B'emet Or" the light of truth.

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Tanakh: Isaiah 11-12:

He will support a signal to the nations
And assemble the banished of Israel,
And gather the dispersed of Judah
From the four corners of the earth.

Why A Pylon Gate?

The reason for a large pylon gate and subsequent smaller versions throughout Eretz Yisrael (settlement entrances and other border areas) would be seen as formal markers that proclaim permanence of habitation. The large (9 meters tall) formal gate (proposed to be erected at the shore on the plain of Sharon) would give Israel a place of welcoming for Aliyah and an iconic symbol of the nation's permanence. Such an Icon would also be important to tourism. The design consists of two pylons inscribed with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel, the Ten Commandments (on the front and back) and the star of David on top. Israelites are a genetic blend with roots in Aramaic and Sumerian bloodlines. Arameans used large engraved natural stone markers and Sumerian - Akkadian markers were formal sculptures and/or architectural constructions. This design draws on both historic concepts.

In essence: the gate draws upon secular and religious concepts. Designed to serve as one of Israel's national symbols it also ties directly to our history and religion. All will know the law as they come and as they go. All will see the symbol of King David. The color red reminds us of Moses standing at red rock Mount Nebo and telling Joshua to lead our ancestors into Eretz Yisrael. The blue is the same as the flag of Israel. Yellow (or metallic gold) repesents light and refers to the prophecy that Israel will be a light to the nations of the world. The top is shown as a triangular faced pyramid with the star of David above it demonstrating Israel above Egypt but it could also be constructed as a 3 level step pyramid which is a Mesopotamian architectural design that Solomon used to dress the top of city walls. For those who look deeper there are various important numbers built into the design. Each pylon is 7 plus 10 units tall. The sides are 4 units wide symbolic of the 4 corners of the Earth to which we were dispersed and from which we now return home. Simple in construction and design this gate will unify our people and serve as a visible symbol that the children of Israel have returned.

Further, a proposed fountain to honor our tribes may be known as the pool of Abraham which would become a much loved tourist attraction. The shape has 12 sides on which the names of the tribes would be written. Three water jets would symbolize Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Nearby gardens would consist of plants from all over the world plus native dates and olives with grasses and flowers which are the basis of milk and honey.

History in a nutshell

Symbolic territory border markers made of stone were a Mesopotamian invention. Formal "Winged Bulls", large inscribed stones and city-state architectural gates are the historic norm throughout the entire fertile crescent. Eretz Yisrael has inhabited the southwest portion of that territory since Abraham of Ur settled there. Formal land markers were used in Mesopotamian law with many being artistic marvels. Kingdoms and territories in the eastern settlements of Mesopotamia, Parsis - Persia, erected sculptural markers as well as cliff carvings. Because the destructive invading Syrians known as Assyrians did not invade and conquer Persia some examples exist today. All peoples of the near east have lived with and are aware of such markers. King Solomon erected many markers such as fort towers, city gates and engraved stones. In Torah we read that even non-Mesopotamian Jethro of Midian had a marker at his well. Egyptians erected large pylons and sculptures throughout their territory. It is an historic norm. Erecting new markers to replace those destroyed by the Assyrians, Romans and Islamic invaders is of paramount importance.

"The Gate Of Eretz Yisrael"
...And there shall be a gate at the western sea
and it shall be the front door of Eretz Yisrael...

When you pass through the Gate of Israel
you have arrived!

Simple yet Dynamic
standing as tall as a 3 story building
A pylon gate would be a formal territory marker to proclaim permanence of habitation

Unit of measure = Cubit; 1 CUBIT=20.76 INCHES - 52.73 CENTIMETERS
Pylon Height=896.4 CENTIMETERS HIGH (8.96 METERS)
Pylon width and depth=210.9 CENTIMETERS WIDE (2.11 METERS)

Red = Mount Nebo (red rock) + Blue = Israel's blue + Yellow = yellow or metalic gold "light"

SYMBOLS: the Star of King David at the top of each pylon,
the 10 Commandments on the front and back of each pylon,
the names of the tribes of Israel 6 to each pylon front and back.

Construction: Reinforced concrete
Clad in (choices) paint or ceramic tile
Plated metal 10 commandments
Fountain clad in ceramic tile

Schematic Drawings by M. R. Rubin, appointed Director of Zionist Organization of Chicago Foundation for the Arts in 2003