Pop Cubism 42x54 inches oil on canvas 2002

Rubin invented Pop-Cubism in 1976 for an exhibition in Chicago.
The Term "POP", when used by artists, refers to "the current popular culture"
contemporary to the artist. Responding to a Wharhol, Licktenstein,
Oldenberg exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago
Marc created paintings which used artistic styles employed in the graphic art
of the popular culture rather than merely copying commercial art and objects
as Wharhol and others had done. The flat vibrant colors surrounded by
black line borders which Rubin used in his new Pop Art came from comic books.
He married this "POP" with Cubism to produce a new Fine Art genre.
His images were not copied but rather the same subjects he was painting in other styles.
Rubin's 1976 city-scapes were entirely new creations. By 1980 he had expanded
the use of his Pop-Cubism to a wide variety of subjects such as the one above.

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