article 3 - Noah is Found
Re-Uniting Ancient World History

With a myriad of new technological tools it is time to re-unite the first five thousand years of human history, before circa 3100 B.C.E., with history after circa 2500 B.C.E. by explaining a 600 year gap between 3100 B.C.E. and 2500 B.C.E. Recent advances in Archeology and hard Science have given us the ability to accurately date ancient artifacts and architecture, find buried ancient cities from space, find rivers which dried up long ago, re-make maps to account for silting up or erosion of shorelines, dating ancient asteroid events and chart ancient climate changes.

Scientific exploration has directly linked two facts. "An ancient meteor event and an ancient artifact that recorded it." The Sumerian inscription disk named "The Planisphere" describes a meteor event which was viewed and had a physical effect on the entire ancient world. Scientists recently verified the event and determined that the meteor was about a kilometer across. It streaked across thousands of miles of the sky at very low altitude and subsequently exploded just before impact on the border of Austria and German, Bavaria. Geologists are now able to explain a massive non-volcanic landslide and identify particles of non-volcanic but heat formed glass found at the landslide site. The path of the meteor was determined to be at an angle so close to the ground and so fiery that people in Mesopotamia, Aram, the Sinai across Israel-Lebanon, Anatolia (Cappadocia, Galatia, Kittim) and Thrace saw it and heard its sonic boom before its final destination, Köfels in the Tyrol of Austria in 3123 B.C.E. The final explosion would have sent a column of smoke many thousands of feet into the atmosphere. The people living closest to the impact would have seen a dark cloud rising to their north. Climatologists say the atmospheric debris from the impact would have caused a period of colder temperatures in the northern hemisphere worldwide.

Click Here to See the Planisphere Disk and Read about the 3123 BCE asteroid event

In a time without grocery stores or modern transportation crop failures would cause mass migrations.

The effect of this spontaneous cataclysmic event upon the ancient world was obviously far reaching. Archeological history prior to 3000 B.C.E. is absent of images of war. Then all of a sudden there is a history void of 600 to 800 years. However, when historical documentation re-occurs it is 2500 to 2200 B.C.E. After a long silence we learn about some of the history during the previous 600 to 800 years. Hamite Canaanites left their original Syrian territory in southern Anatolia (Turkey) and crossed the Euphrates River moving south into Aram and soon into numerous locations in Israel. They are no longer depicted wearing simple white cloth clothing. They are now depicted as armed invaders. They have gotten their hands on iron-bronze weapons and invaded Haran, Asshur and attacked Nineveh. They then show up in Cushite Babylon and declare northern Asshur as their new capitol "Asur". In Egypt, just after the meteor event date, the upper Nile Mizraimite Egyptians attack the Japhenite Hyksos to their north. They created a disturbance great enough to incur an invasion by the Shemite Nubians to their south who controlled them for a period. At the time of 2200 B.C.E. the Akkadians were fighting for their lives. A scant record from Sumeria tells that Sumer had created an army but Nineveh had not. Sumeria would later be seriously affected but never conquered during the two millenniums of the Hamite onslaught. The Aramaic people continued their rural life. They had only a few cities and they were not major population centers. The new As-syrians were unable to conquer and control their expansive territory. They were able to continue their culture and maintain the superiority of Aramaic over all other written languages. This point in history also marks the beginning of a new word, "Assyrians", which is derived from the Hamite conquest of Asshur. From that time onward they call themselves Assyrians and create a new God, Asur, who is a God of war. In 3000 B.C.E. Canaanite Hamites who had crossed the Euphrates and gone south and discovered a pre-flood megalithic stone platform at "Ba'albek" in northeast Lebanon. They created a god of war and called him Ba'al. The hat they created for Ba'al soon appeared as the Pharaoh crown of upper Nile Egypt. Hittite and Sumerian stele and cylinders recorded in circa 1600 B.C.E. and 1000 B.C.E. describe Hittites marching down through Mesopotamia to destroy Babylon and then leaving. Of the descendants of the four sons of Ham, the Cushites and Phutites are not mentioned as being warlike as the Canaanite Syrians are recorded. The six hundred year period of Hamite war created a vacuum followed by revisionist history which is at odds with the course of humanity before 3000 B.C.E. The As-syrian Hamites did not invade northern Hittite areas. The obvious answer to why is the known fact that those regions produced all the metals of the ancient world including iron, bronze, copper, silver, tin and some gold. The Japhenites had also domesticated the horse. The Hamites did not try to dominate them. During the many centuries long back and forth battle for control of Mesopotamia we see the disappearance and re-appearance of classic Mesopotamian civil laws. In between law is made and controlled by Hamite As-syrian rulers marked by the appearance of the pagan god of war - Ba'al. Prior to 3000 B.C.E. the archeological record describes a world where people are expanding into new uninhabited territories, finding and trading new caches of essential resources such as lumber, metals and farmed cereal crops. Commerce is fluid and governed by universal standards. Civil law is also recorded as nearly identical throughout the world.

The world prior to 3000 B.C.E. is recorded in "The Table of Nations", of the Jewish Tanakh and in archeological records.

There is an initial division of territory "with room to grow" followed by expansion into unused territory. Again and again tablets and stele record humane orderly law in direct continuity with the Seven Laws of Noah. Within one human lifetime after the meteor event date scant records reveal Hamites expanding into historically inhabited territories. We also learn about people being ejected from their Japhenite or Shemite home territories which are then occupied by Hamite descendants; Canaanite "Syrians". Before the event the influence of Mesopotamia is visible through trans-regional commerce records, pottery, artifacts and religious belief. Each region produced necessary goods and traded within a system of standard measures and value. The ancient trade route records substantiate commerce between Egypt, the Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, Kittim, Minos, Thrace and all the Anatolian peoples. After the event date world commerce is interrupted. Sumer is still trading with Persian Gulf peoples, Elamites of Persia and the Indus Valley but trade with northern Japhenite territories is greatly diminished for hundreds of years until resumption during the rule of Sargon of Nineveh. After Sargon the Mesopotamian raises an army and re-conquers his homeland of Akkad from the As-syrians he is recorded in the Hittite records of Anatolia as re-establishing trade and Mesopotamian law throughout Shemite and Japhenite territories. We also find the emergence of "Arab" peoples who are the run-a-way Hamites of Babylon. They relocate to inhabit unused territory in northern Arabia and later parts of the interior of the "Arabian" peninsula.

A pattern of a peaceful expanding world of humanity that restricted the expansion of Hamites is apparent before 3000 B.C.E. Noah's dictate and allocation of territory was the status quo. The descendants of Cush lived in Babylon and the Babylonian plain but are not recorded as violent. The Egyptians are not recorded as warring with their neighbors. Even the Canaanites are silent in the records of those five millenniums.

A cataclysmic never before experienced event that would have echoed the ancestral Noah epic surely had a profound effect upon the status quo. A fire ball streaking low in the sky and visible to the vast majority of the ancient world would have caused enormous fear. Scientists tell that heat from the meteor, as much as 400 degrees at ground level, would have been felt by those under the fly path. The ensuing climatic aftermath would have surely caused some migrations of northern peoples in Thrace and the regions of the descendants of Magog and Gomer. In the midst of the confusion the Canaanite Hamites obviously saw an opportunity to expand out of their controlled boundaries put in place by Noah's dictate to their patriarch ancestor Canaan. If we were to suddenly experience a catastrophic world event which left us without modern communication, upset our economic system and caused a climatic change which made food hard to obtain we would experience horrors brought on by the least intelligent most animalistic survivors amongst us. Because our civilization is still quietly based in the laws and culture of Noah we are not prone to dominate or steal from others, especially in a time of emergency. But, those who are ignorantly incapable of trust or the understanding of their commonality with others often pull away in a rage of animalistic survival instinct during times of emergency. The, lack of, or ,suppression of, that primeval animal instinct is the separation of humanity from the animal kingdom. When humanity strays from those principals or is dominated by those who revise cultural norms to follow opposite principals humanity suffers and dark ages have nearly destroyed humanity. The people who gain benefit from anti-civilized behavior are those who dominate through fear of harm and steal what they want. How many of us are aware of how many times history has been revised by dominators? Rome conquered and replaced cultures with their own. We nearly lost our entire ancient memory because of their obsession to control the world. In actuality they followed in the footsteps of their Hamite ancestors who mortally feared the humane laws of Noah. As long as humanity embraced those 7 Laws criminal behavior was controlled. The only ancient civilization to thwart Rome's total control was Israel. Even Egypt's culture degraded after the Roman burning of the Library at Alexandria, Egypt. The core Mesopotamian Noah culture carried through Abraham remained strong against Roman law and paganism. When the Romans finally created a reason to destroy Jerusalem and Israel they took the wealth of Israel and tried to erase the moral history and religion of the Jewish nation. In the twentieth century Adolf Hitler tried to dominate and then eradicate the people who could eventually cause an overthrow of his culture of domination. Who did he fear most? The Jewish people with their steadfast adherence to the Noah culture. In 3000 B.C.E. the Canaanites first attacked and destroyed Haran in the territory of Elam (which was their southern border). Haran is recorded as having elected rulers to 7 year terms and was a civilization of laws and religion faithful in totality to the culture of Noah. The Aramaic language of Haran was the official common language of the ancient world. They must have feared Haran above all other peoples. Their next conquest was the destruction of another core Shemite region - Asshur, Calah and Nineveh. Asshur the grandson of Noah founded those cities and the region. (Asshur and Aram would have known their first cousin Canaan the ancestor of the Canaanites.) Asshur's "legacy" would also be greatly feared by the Canaanites. So, the Canaanites renamed themselves Asurians which quickly changed to As-syrians because common knowledge named them by their original region of Anatolian Syria. It is easy to understand how and why they tried to revise history and law. They were violent but few in number compared to the world around them and would be punished under Noahide law should it continue. Popes, Kings, Emperors, Hitler, Stalin and Mao burned books and/or took control of the dissemination of knowledge to recruit like minded people and maintain total control through their perverted systems of government. The archeological record demonstrates the origin of that behavior occurred between 3100 and 2500 B.C.E. in Akkadian Mesopotamia.

It is paramount to a successful continuation of world civilization that we undo the propaganda of past and current dominators. The advances of humanity have continued despite retrograde interruptions. Because of the creation of the United States humanity has seen its greatest achievements. The principal of responsible freedom has transformed the world and defeated many totalitarian dominators and undone their cultures. Today there are many who wish to continue their own perverse creations of fable with such force as to deny Noah's existence entirely. If Hamites long ago destroyed and buried the emphatic proof of Noah it is now being unearthed by curious free people. Myths and legends must be seen as having actual events at their core. Curiosity will provide the eventual undoing of the Hamite culture which has remained uncontrolled since circa 3123 B.C.E. If the Hamite totalitarian political religious culture of Islam is allowed to take over western culture its leaders will wipe away all memory of the United States and its Constitution from human memory within a generation or two. The same can be said of Russia's communist core. The most blatant current example of such behavior is North Korea.

Noah has been found. We must now wait for serious scientific investigation to reveal a catastrophic world event which took place some 10,000 years ago.