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"Ladies Of The Canyon"

48x58 Pointillism - Surrealism, Acrylic on canvas
Marc Rubin's first major work in pointillism.
This work took 43 months to complete 1969-1973.
*First Exhibited at The Art Institute of Chicago 1973

Well traveled, it has been exhibited in many places both abroad and in the U.S.

A Surrealist depiction of a song by Joni Mitchell in the style of Pointillism.
The three women in the song are part of the canyon's protective walls.
The canyon was inspired by the mesa canyons of
(the land of enchantment) New Mexico, USA.

*It is available in several Giclee' print editions
on canvas or paper made and signed by Rubin
largest size is 42x50 inches.

*music - Joni Mitchell "Ladies Of The Canyon"