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..... Jihad Is A Two Way Street .....
Be Empowered - Become A Keyboard Warrior
Fight Anti-Israel Anti-Jewish Propaganda

We are not an organization - just people doing the right thing.

ALERT: Anti-Jewish Anti-Israel propagandists are stealing Utube user-names to injure the warriors campaign. Beware and Fight Back!

ALERT: Jan. 11. 2009 - Chicago Synagogues attacked by Arab Terrorist Cell - Click Here for important information

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Join the large army of keyboard warriors who are proving that Jihad is a 2 way street. Anyone can be a warrior, I'm actually an artist www.MarcRubin.com. It will give you a private sense of self worth. Most of us spend maybe 20 minutes a session. Just type once and then copy and paste, it's fast and easy.

We are attacking the nasty comments at comment boards of Utube IDF videos, Hamas videos, anti-Israel/Jewish videos plus political blogs, CNN, FOX, MSNBC and everything else online related to negative and/or false comments about Jews and Israel with strong words knowing that a flood of repetition will have an overwhelming effect and gain media attention. I have posted helpful links (on the right side) which make it easier for you to comment to TV News and Newpapers.

"Examples you can Copy and Paste"
one of these comments or "Write Your Own"

Arabs go away - Leave Israel Now
Keyboard Warriors for Peace and Truth

It is time to stop Islam's Lies and Hate
Hate=Sorrow - Peace=Happiness for All

Keyboard Warriors Hate Lies about Israel

Arabs must leave - go back to Syria
Make'm Take'm Back!

Evil left unchecked poisons everything

Keyboard Warriors for Truth and Peace

Hamas brainwashes people to hate and die

If you care - fight for truth and peace
Evil left unchecked poisons everything

It is a fact that most Utube video viewers will glance down below a video to see what comments have been posted even though they seldom post a comment of their own. Islamists have had control of the comment areas below all videos regarding Israel, Middle East issues and conflicts for along time, till now. Their words are shocking and aimed at producing support for illegal terrorist activities by packaging Jihad as a war of liberation. Up until now they have had a strong effect on world media and popular attitudes as theirs' were the great majority of visible comments. Keyboard Warriors and anyone who has posted a comment opposing their propaganda knows why. Islamists will immediately post foul language public comments and send truly horrible private comments directly to anyone who posts a comment opposing their propaganda. Most civilized people quit posting to stop the disgusting email messages they receive. The Keyboard Warriors campaign is for people who put on their blinders and continue to post support for Israel despite the consequences.

Keyboard Warriors Are Having A Strong Effect
We post comments of support for Israel and world Jewry. We want people to know that our messages are strong responses to "Islamist propaganda". The propagandists see these comment boards as an important front in their war for the control of world sentiment. Videos which are viewed many thousands of times have helped, over time, produce negative attitudes toward Israel and Jews. Words are powerful. Lies left unchecked can be seen as truth, or worse yet, surrender. We will not allow them to continue to control public forums.

Television networks and print media publications monitor public forums like Utube to gather information. This fact became very clear when FOX Cable News reported, on January 5th 2009, that a change in sentiment in support of Israel was occuring on Utube message boards. The reporter made it clear that all public sources for comment on the web are monitored to gage popular sentiment. Further, most Warriors are now reporting an upsurge in positive support responses to their postings.

Silence is defeat and we will no longer be silent!

We urge you to tell your friends to join our effort and send hellos when they run into a posted comment using the phrases above.

Two nights ago a few Keyboard Warriors literally drove Jihadist supporters off of the Utube comment board at the most watched video (over 1 million views).

We need more folks to join us "or" the only comments on pertinent videos will be against Jews and Israel. You'll find out quickly that on-line Jihadists are cowards. You will know that you have helped in the war for a secure Israel and world Judaism. Just be sure to answer all nasty comments with your chosen message - copy and paste it. It makes the Islamists surrender and go away when you don't answer back to their ignorant smut with anything but your original message.

One note: Utube will give you a message that you have reached your comment limit or will only show "video comment rather than text and video comment" after posting comments 2 or 3 times but you can continue after going to the bottom of the page and filling in the squiggle letters box and clicking submit.