The modern history of Israel is very important and usually not conveyed too us. So we are giving you information that will help you know why Israel exists and why it is at war with the Arab world.

In 1894 an American Jewish movement that had been organizing for several years developed into the Zionist Organization of America located in New York City. The following year the Zionist Organization of Chicago was formed. These two organizations did what no one had done for nearly 2000 years. They organized a large group Jews in America to return to Israel. They had in their possesion the current Jerusalem sensus showing an overwhelming majority of the population was still Jewish. They were welcomed by Moslem people when they arrived to settle in the northern coastal area.

Others followed and 2 small communities living amongst Arab Muslims soon began to practice their faith in houses and started up businesses. However, it didn't take many years before religious leaders of Islam located in Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia sounded the alarm of Jihad against what they perceived to be an invasion of infidels, a crusade. Through the early 20th century they waged several "pograms" against the returning Jewish people. It was the beginning of the hatred towards Israel which still exists today.

Upon a closer look we find that outside forces rather than the Moslem inhabitants of Israel were and are the governing force which has torn at Israel. They have caused the old Arab Moslem inhabitants to mostly leave the land to live in other countries like Jordan until they would invade and wage genocide on the Jews driving them into the sea. That has not happened and they have shunned the people they claimed to be helping. They are still abusing those same people and their offspring.

In 1948 immediately after Israel was granted freedom and became a legal country all of the surrounding Arab Moslem nations invaded simultaneously to wage genocide on the nearly defensless new nation. They lost. Israel continued forward and built an army and turned the desert to green productive land.

The Nutshell presentations give you the history and timeline of many events. But, what has been lost over the years is the fact that Israel's Arab neighbors have never come to accept nor become used to Israel the nation. It is a fact lost in the debris of propaganda that Islam hates Jews and the actions of Israel's neighbors are governed by that fact. The Syrians have been importing people to live in any area Islam has control of inside Israel for many years. They seek to over populate the land with Arab's from many nations and Hashemites from Syria until they can tip the balance and over run Israel. They have learned that they can not defeat the Jewish people in a war of combat. But, they do believe they will convert the minds of other peoples in the world to their hatred of Jews.

The war of propaganda must be waged by Jewish people all over the world for all Jews are in jeopardy in the Islamist global war for domination. Just listen and read and you'll realize that their faith began with the rule of convert or die and they continue that mantra and exploit today, 1400 years later.

Christians in the Middle East are also at risk and their numbers have dwindled. Mesopotamia, now Iraq, has a much reduced number of it's native inhabitants who were the first Christians or had continued in the Jewish tradition. Today as peace is near in Iraq Christians are being pushed off their ancestral lands by Muslims near ancient Ninevah where Akkadians have lived for 7000 years. Chicago, Illinois, USA is the center of what Assyrian and Syriac Christians call their Diaspora. Most interesting of all is how they embrace Jews as fellow Mesopotamians.

The Pop-Up links below are from Udi Hanah at Concept Wizard, Israel. They are a good place to learn the history of modern Israel.

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